What level surfer are you?

Check these ability descriptions to find out which level would be most suitable for you. The photos indicate some of the skills you could expect to be learning in each level.

* You have never been on a surfboard.
* You’ve tried surfing and had no success…but you’re determined to do this!

You need help to get started and learn all the entry level skills. In Beginner lessons you will be catching small whitewater waves, with the help of an in-water coach. We will cover:
* safety in the surf zone and how to deal with oncoming waves in waist-deep water.
* how to catch waves.
* “pop-up” techniques and the functional surfing stance.


*  You can catch most whitewater waves you paddle for.
*  You’re standing up on whitewater waves and riding straight into shore.
*  You avoid going out into deeper water.
*  You don’t understand much about the wind direction and tides.
*  You’re having fun in the shallows, but want to go further and become a
more capable surfer.
Level 1 lessons will help you become more aware of the surfing environment.
You will learn how to:
* identify dangerous ocean conditions and read a surf report.
* how to paddle through small waves and sit on your board.
* select and catch larger broken waves.
* turn your board to ride left or right along the wave.

* You’re keen to experience the feeling of riding across the face of a green wave, but when you try for those waves you either can’t catch them, or end up nose-diving.
* You might have had some close calls with other surfers or even been injured by your own surfboard.
* You’re getting frustrated because you’re not catching many waves in a session.

It’s time for you to take a step back with your surfing journey and check that your basic skills are correct. You need to learn some vital information, which should ensure safer and more enjoyable surfing in the future.
Level 2 lessons will get you catching small unbroken waves with the help of an in-water coach.
You will learn:
* how to start identifying the best waves to paddle for – focussing on wave shape.
* where to be on a wave while trimming across the clean face.
* techniques for stronger paddling and smooth pop-ups.
* surf etiquette.
karen surfing   


*  You’ve done some Level 2 classes.
*  You’re starting to get a feel for the waves but have reached a plateau with your skills.
*  You can pop-up without using your knee and control your board whilst standing.
*  You still have trouble deciding which waves to go for.
*  You can trim across the wave, both on your forehand and backhand.
You still might need to iron out some bad habits and develop some new skills to help you progress.
Level 3 lessons will have you paddling efficiently and safely ‘out the back’ – in waves up to about 1 metre. You will feel confident that you know how to deal with any situation which may come your way in these sized waves.
We will cover:
* fitness required to catch and ride unbroken waves (up to a metre) unassisted.
* duck diving and/or turtle rolling to get you and your board under a wave.
* wave selection skills.
* creating speed.
* “climb and drop” technique as you go up and down the wave face.
* begin carving bottom turns, cutbacks and doing floaters.


* You’re feeling pretty relaxed in most situations.
* You are able to do some manoeuvres. You’re doing a great job and when other women see you surf, they are inspired.
*  Your fitness is really improving and surfing is now a big part of your life – you’re working hard on practising your skills.
*  You’re ready to start experimenting with more explosive manoeuvres and linking them together.
Level 4 and beyond relies on gathering video footage of your style. We can carefully analyse your surfing and develop the manoeuvres relevant to you – like cutbacks, re-entries, floaters, walking the board, etc.
We will focus on your positioning in the line-up and use drills to help you concentrate on specific skills.
We can work on your fitness, balance and flexibility…so you can surf with more speed, power and flow….and style.