Bottom Turns

The bottom turn is made up of three distinct body positions:

  1. Bending at the knees and waist.
  2. Reaching forward to touch the wave and pivot off that hand, whilst holding the compressed body position.
  3. Extending the body with upper body rotation. (I like to think of it as showing your boobs to the curl of the wave, when on your forehand).

This video follows on from what we tried in the surf on our 3rd session. It’s hard to change movement patterns and learn new ones, especially when your ride on the wave is over before you have time to think too much. The video simplifies the bottom turn and helps you focus on some key words.

2 thoughts on “Bottom Turns

  1. I reckon this is going to be a great tip on achieving bottom hand turns. I will attempt to put it into practice for tomorrows lesson so hopefully the surf will be good. I have been practicing in front of the video like Helen and written the key words on my hand so I don’t forget.

  2. Gd description Heather – I can seen how showing boobs to the curl can really get that upper rotation going. I was going through the motion while watching this video at work (hp no-one was watching me!)

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