A Session at Cylinders

On 28/6/12, three intrepid surfers started the first of 5 training sessions. This is the footage which was taken. From here, we can pinpoint any errors and work on problem areas. Stay tuned and join them on their learning curve….

Leave a comment below about how you think you went with regard to your positioning in the ocean, your standing action and your finishes.

The following 2 videos are produced by Martin Dunn – the Head Coach for Surfing Australia. If you watch them, you may get the idea about creating speed and becoming committed to do more manoeuvres on the wave.

11 thoughts on “A Session at Cylinders

  1. Wow- I have finally checked out this website and it’s ace. I was the horrible board thrower in the video, in a moment of panic, completely ignoring the first rule of surfing which is to KEEP YOUR BOARD!!! Looks like I could do with some lessons, and a lot more time in the surf. Anita xo

  2. Wow loving our lessons with Heather and looking forward to tomorrow and what she is going to teach us girls. What you can do with a swivel chair in a carpark is amazing! Found it hard to put what we leant on land in practice in the waves. Having a ball surfing, laughing and of course chatting with the girls out in the water. Fingers crossed for great conditions for tomorrow. See ya in the waves!

  3. hey H, another thing……after thurs lesson and looking back… i don’t open my shoulders and turn them like you showed us with your cool invention… the swivel chair!!
    I am loving these lesson…..thannnnnnnnnnnnk you x

  4. oweeeee that was great thanks Heather. Great choice of vids from you and Marty D. I am excited to practice today. Thanks for the great care and attention that went into this. Thanks again. Hey Rach how awesome was your step over the ditched board. Sorry I snaked a wave from ya, next time call me off please. See ya Thurs Chics.

  5. Rach is right funky tune! I am not getting enough speed at the start to put me in the main part of the wave. I seem to be in front of white wash and not getting the board around to get into the face or the main part of the wave. Definatly have to get those techniques going for speed generation and definaltly have to practice throwing arms forward. I do exactly what the coaching video said ‘Race’ on every wave I catch and when it is time to have a go at a bottom turn the wave is over. My surfing footage clearly indicates this. Because of the rocks I wasn’t keen surfing over them because of my new board plus I new they were there but hard to see if they were above the water line so strugged there. Yes we all did realise when we were out there that were had drifted off the spot and we did paddle back but it was too late as conditions changed. Thanks for showing us the waves we were missing loved that part- NOT! The footage surfing to the spot where we had drifted to I was definatley surfing straight to the shore and once again not getting into the wave. The coaching video has provided great tips and I will refer to them each week to get ideas as there is so much to learn. Today I will focus on getting speed. Thought the beach analysis drawing at the start was really important so will be thinking about that today and making sure I stay in right spot by identifying landmark. See you soon out in the waves. Talk about doing my homework at the last minute. Better check surf conditions and your report now!

    • I think you did really well on the GBoard – especially since you hadn’t been surfing for a while. You went for the best quality waves, but got stuck up the top of a couple of them. You were going great on that one, until that board tripped you up! And I think Jess may have spoilt your other ride by dropping in. Yes, I think bending the knees will help (upper body looks o.k but maybe you stick your butt out too far). Hopefully we’ll work on bottom turns soon.

  6. Hi Heather,
    What a great video of the girls surfing. I have learnt a lot just from watching this. Where is cylinders???

    • Cylinders is at 13th Beach, just after the first car park. It was pretty small the day we were there, but can get a bit gnarly on a bigger swell. I’m glad you’re learning from watching this too.

  7. he he he firstly H…great job mate on putting it together….funky tune
    Positioning – Started off at the right stop, then drifted too far down……
    Standing- um I think i was like an old lady on a G board should look!
    Was a few too many steps popping up..my upper body seemed to be too upright…
    Finish- I did one great stunt finish!
    I do tend to race…
    The coach video- it was unreal to see how,why and what you need to do to get the most out of a wave….
    All up… it was the first time I have seen myself on a wave….I think I need to practice pop ups,
    I would be more aware of my upper body positioning, not racing so much, keeping a landmark in site and not apologising to someone who ditches their board like that again!!! It was good entertainment though! RR x

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