The Pop Up

If you’re really serious about improving your surfing, you need to perfect the pop-up action. Because, knowing that you can land on the board in the correct stance, every time, will give you confidence, and set you up for making the most of your ride.

Getting this technique right takes lots of practice, both in the water and on land. If you are currently using your knee(s) to help you get up, you’re going to need to
re-program your brain, as this habit is a tough one to break. Take a look at this video to see how you can practice on land. This technique will train your muscle memory and brain.

Sally demonstrating. Learne and Andi are the surfing co-stars.

You will need to be flexible in the hips and back and develop strength in your core muscles. Try to do at least 5 of these land simulations each day.

So, you’re aiming for a smooth transition from the prone paddling position up to a ready standing position. You want to try getting up without slowing the board down at all (this means not rocking the board from side to side, or from front to back).

Curl the toes up onto the board. From a prone position, with hands near the ribcage, push-up with arms extended and jump, using the curled toes to push off. Try to land your front foot in between your hands.
Watch this Quicktip video to get the idea.

5 thoughts on “The Pop Up

  1. In the first video – do you know if the practice bars on land demonstrated are something that s person can buy somewhere or was it a homemade invention?

  2. Heather & Gals – this was really helpful, many thanks. Watched it today before heading out to test drive at OG beach. Also practised on floor during week, but not there yet. Great website overall and appreciate all the info and surf report.

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