Practice on Land

This is Week 2 of our training. The girls were trying to get the feel for turning and creating speed.


1 thought on “Practice on Land

  1. See how much fun you can have in a carpark! Great video and funky music once again Heather. Seeing footage really helps you see where you need to improve. I am really robot like and certainly not relaxed like Kelly Slater nor do I look as spunky as he does (ha ha). I reckon my arms are too high and I am swinging my body and winding my arms back to generate the speed which is all wrong. After this session on land you mentioned it to me in the water that I was doing exactly what I saw in the video. Going to try to fix it tomorrow with the tips you gave me plus relax and have some fun again. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson and to surf with the girls.

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