Mel McDonald

June. 2014.
It is with great sadness, that I write to tell you that Mel passed away on June 1st. aged 40. She leaves behind, husband Nathan and daughters Allie and Rachel. There will be a  “paddle-out” (a floating memorial to honour a fellow surfer) for you to join in. Details coming soon…

April. 2012.
Mel was able to hit the waves for a little session on a warm Thursday in April. She was surrounded by many caring women surfers, some of whom had banded together to give Mel a special ‘healing’ necklace – made with crystals.


Ocean Grove April 19th. Mel is sporting her new necklace and short hair.

March 18,  2012.
One of our surfing sisters needs your support.
A young mum, living a busy life….as all young mums do, has been hit with some terrible news.
Mel has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.
She began chemotherapy treatment last week at Geelong Hospital.

I just happened to run into Mel over the past few weeks. The first time, we passed each other while on a very windswept beach walk. She looked shell-shocked after just receiving the news. We talked for a bit, then she headed off, a lone figure into the distance – trying to make some sense of what was going on with her body.
The other day I saw her out in the water – enjoying her last surf for a while. She was absorbing the warm sunshine and treasuring the freedom and the waves, before embarking on the big challenge which lies ahead of her.

She is determined to stay positive and I’m hoping that by setting herself a goal of “getting back to surfing”, it will help her through her treatment.
Maybe next time you’re surfing, you can spare a thought for Mel and have a wave for her. She needs lots of positive thoughts sent her way.
Good luck Mel.

2 thoughts on “Mel McDonald

  1. Hi Mel, Even though we have never met I am caught up in your web of life by a few common threads.
    we are joined by the ocean and joined by a journey you are now on. My heart is reaching out to you sending you strength. Know that the ocean will be calling you home…..
    Everytime I go to the ocean, I will look out and say a silent prayer, that soon I will look out there and see you and join you for a paddle….

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