Surf Report

Ocean Grove – Wednesday February 22nd.

The wind is fresh and gusty cross-shore Easterly today. Conditions are very choppy and uneven. The waves are 3ft+ (expect head-high surf). Give it a miss! Water temp is 20 degrees.

High tide:
2:21pm – 1.4m
Low tide:
8:00am – 0.6m





















36 thoughts on “Surf Report

  1. Yipee!!! School is back so Thursday Surfing is back on! Time to get the boards out and back into the waves. Fingers crossed good conditions for tomorrow so see you all out there.

  2. Merry Christmas all. Braved the chop today but was pretty messy, caught some white water mess, my daughter had fun. Hopefully the waves will improve soon! Cheers Sherry

  3. Hi Heather, just wondering what “refracted swell” and “shorter, smaller period swell” means, trying to work out if Saturday will be O.K. for surf, winds are good but not sure what this swell lingo means!!


    • I reckon the guy at Coastalwatch was trying to think of something different to write in his report…maybe hoping to impress someone? “Refracted” swell is when the swell lines have to bend around a point (e.g The Bluff at Barwon Heads) to get into a bay (e.g Ocean Grove and RAAFS). The “wave period” is the time period in between each wave – measured in seconds. Today it is 14 sec. and Saturday is predicted 11 sec. According to my sources, Saturday’s surf is going to be quite small…but hopefully rideable!

      • thanx heather, had a look on the sat but didn’t go out, was small and only had a small window of surf time, so not worth it…getting fussy these days…oh dear! thanx for classifying though, getting good at surf speak thanx to you!!

  4. Robyn and I met for the Sat morning surf this morning 28 april at 9 am and waves were big and dumping. Heather is oh so right that the waves will be really big at high tide. thanks again Heather for the really informative and helpful surf report. Kte

  5. Heather, great surf report I love it. Would you mind adding if the conditions are good for beginners, intermediate, or advanced. It’s just that a few times I have traveled down only to find the conditions a little bit too advanced for me. Thanks

    • O.K Tiff, I’ll add that into the report. Generally though, you can get an idea when you look at the wave height and maybe factor in the change in tide – try surfing around mid tide which is usually the safest time.

  6. Whereas costalwatch and swellnet give a day wind forecast the BOM is also really good for getting a finer breakdown of the wind direction and strength. click on Marine and Weather warnings and follow the prompts.

    Bummed that I have to work 😦 you guys enjoy the nice surf this week 🙂

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